2Tn sling for mounting traction batteries


Set of 2 Tn Polyester Slings with Galvanized Steel shackle. (2 Uds)

With this sling we can manipulate the traction batteries through the holes in the metal chests. Polyester is a non-conductive material, which provides additional safety when handling batteries. Accessory recommended for the installation of traction batteries on forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks and industrial batteries.


Slings for the installation of traction batteries in electric forklifts, pallet trucks or electric vehicles.

Traction batteries usually have a very high weight of up to 1.5 Tn and it is necessary to handle the battery with maximum safety. Thanks to these polyester slings, we can assemble and handle batteries weighing up to 2Tn. The galvanized steel shackles allow to hold the battery through the holes indicated in the boxes and metal cases of the traction batteries.

The batteries of 24 Volts, 48 Volts and 80 Volts installed in metallic boxes have holes for the correct manipulation. Get to know all our tips for optimal handling and maintenance of industrial batteries.

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How to Install Industrial Traction Batteries

In the following video we show you how to correctly fasten the battery with the slings through the holes provided for this purpose.

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Weight 1 kg