Automatic battery refill 80V – 40 Plugs


80V battery automatic refilling system consisting of 40 plugs.

It includes pipe sections to make the connection.

With the BFS plug the water level of the battery is correctly and safely topped up.

When the level buoy floats in the water it rises, and prevents us from recharging excess water in the battery.

The automatic filling system is used in traction batteries and solar batteries, placing a plug for each element and connecting them together through the tubes.


Automatic battery refill 80V – 40 Plugs

With the automatic refilling system we save a lot of time in battery maintenance, and we ensure a correct water level.
Level plugs with float allow simultaneous water refilling of all vessels. When the level buoy floats over the water inside the battery, it rises and thus mechanically closes the inlet hole, leaving an empty safety space, to prevent spills due to excess water, which is very common when the level exceeds the correct battery level.

More automatic filling systems available

There are also other systems to perform battery maintenance such as the distilled water refilling trolley for batteries which includes GUN-X Automatic GUN , or the distilled water machine.

In Rebatex we have caps and automatic filling systems for 12 Volt -24V – 24V – 48v – 80Volt batteries. The 80V – 40 Plugs automatic battery refill system is compatible with traction batteries for electric forklifts and solar batteries. At Linde Forklift Batteries the manufacturer advises this type of plugs with automatic system, we also give you optimal maintenance tips for traction batteries.

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