48 Volt forklift battery

48 volt electric forklift batteries. The 48-volt traction batteries are intended for use in electric trucks and electric vehicles, lifting platforms, marine equipment, sweepers or scrubbers, and even in solar energy. The 48-Volt forklift batteries are made up of 24 Vessels, or 2-volt elements connected in series, through connections and copper cables and screws with special protections.
On our website www.bateriasyamperios.com you can find an extensive catalog of 48 volt batteries, with Din elements (EPzs) or British elements (Epzb). Contact us so we can advise you on the battery you need for your machine.
You can find the battery for the truck or pallet truck by brand and model of machine. We work with all brands in the electric forklift and stacker sector: Linde, Toyota, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, Clark, Nissan, Tecna, Mitsubishi, Fenwick, BT, etc…

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