Lithium Battery 2.4Kw 48V PYLONTECH


Lithium battery 2.4Kw 48V PYLONTECH. Designed for solar photovoltaic installations. Compatible with most multifunction inverters. 10-year warranty.


  • Low weight and volume
  • High number of cycles
  • Maintenance free
  • Increased loading speed


Pylontech 2.4kw 48v US2000 B plus lithium battery in rack module. Pylontech is one of the leading manufacturers of lithium batteries and its lithium battery is compatible with Voltronic and other hybrid inverters. Pylontech US 2000B plus is a lithium battery with more than 6,000 discharge cycles and withstands discharges of more than 90%. The Pylontech US 20000B plus 48v lithium battery is made of LiFePo4, the safest composition on the market.

Pylontech 2.4kw lithium battery features

The Pylontech US2000B lithium battery operates at 48 volts and has a BMS (battery monitoring system) that has functions for load compensation between cells, management between several Pylontech modules and protection against low and high temperatures (0-50ºC).

  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Download: >90%
  • Cycles: 6,000
  • Port: CAN/RS485
  • Indicators: LED(SOC)
  • Warnings: Alarm and operation

Compatibility of Pylontech 2.4kw lithium battery with Inverters

It can work with all major inverter brands on the market and is the first lithium solar battery compatible with Infinisolar and Voltronic hybrid inverters. Each module can operate at a maximum of 1C at nominal charge and discharge (50Ah) and allows point currents of 100Ah (15 s). The warranty is 10 years, 7 years standard and by registering the product on the Pylontech website you get an additional 3 years.

Assembly and parallel connection of several Pylontech 2.4kwh lithium batteries US2000B plus

The Pylontech US2000B lithium battery can be mounted in parallel with more modules using the ethernet communication cable included with each battery. A maximum of 8 batteries can be placed in parallel. Brackets (not included) must be used for mounting, which allow stacking up to 6 batteries. If we need a high capacity system we can use several sets of Pylontech batteries and connect them to the first one by means of a busbar or distributor to have systems of more than 14.4kwh. In this example we have 40kwh with 3 parallel groups of lithium batteries.

Outstanding benefits of the Pylontech US2000B solar lithium battery

The 48V Pylontech US2000B battery is a state-of-the-art lithium accumulator with many advantages over lead acid batteries.

Low weight and volume: Thanks to its high energy density we have stored 2.4kw in only 25 kg of weight. For a lead-acid battery we need about 55kg for the same capacity. The size is also smaller so we need less space and can even make portable systems in applications that require it thanks to its greater manageability.

High number of cyclesLithium has far superior qualities of use to lead acid, so while a tubular plate lead-acid battery has about 1500 cycles at 80% discharge, the Pylontech lithium battery delivers more than 6000 cycles at that depth of cycling.

Maintenance-free: The lithium battery does not require any maintenance or refilling with liquids. It does not give off gases or odors, so it can be installed indoors.

Increased loading speedOne of the main advantages in solar energy systems is that the lithium battery can be charged at a rate of 2C, even if necessary at 1C so that if we have a charger with sufficient power in 2 hours we can charge the battery from a full discharge and if necessary in 1 hour could also perform a full charge.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

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