Traction battery element 5pzs400 of 2V and 400Ah


Traction battery element 5pzS400 of 2 volts and 400 amps, which you can buy through our online store. It is used for the replacement of short elements and repair of traction batteries of electric forklifts.

2-year warranty.

Technical Data Sheet Traction Element

We show you how to change an electric forklift battery glass in the following video, click here.


Our traction batteries are designed to support applications that require a high level of power and reliability.

The 5pzs400 2V traction battery element has electrolyte level indicators and caps with tilting closures, which facilitate the release of gases produced during the process.

They are compatible with the BFS automatic water filling system, which facilitates the maintenance of the 2V traction elements. This automatic filling system allows maintaining the optimum level of electrolyte density of the battery.

A 2 Volt battery element allows us to repair batteries of electric forklifts and pallet trucks, replacing the defective elements and connecting them by means of the flexible connections.

Applications Traction battery element 5pzs400

Traction batteries are used in electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, forklift trucks, cleaning machines, mobile elevating platforms, etc.

The 5pzs400 battery element is mounted on 24V, 48V and 80V forklift batteries of different brands. We can adapt the traction battery element to any type of electric forklift of any make and model: Linde, Nissan, Komatsu, Toyota, Jungheinrich, Still, Mic, etc. We have all models of batteries for electric forklifts. If you do not find the exact model of the 2V battery element for your forklift or machine, please contact our Technical Department.

2 Volt 400Ah battery element repair guide

YouTube video

Technical Characteristics Battery Element 5pzs400

  • Robustness and durability of the elements.
  • The plates are designed to optimize and increase their capacity.
  • Maximum cycle life.
  • High energy density.
  • Increased voltage stability and discharge performance.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 19,8 × 10 × 42,5 cm
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