Battery for 24V 400Ah Loader



Battery composed of 12 elements of 2V model 5PzS400

Element dimensions: 10.1cm wide X 19.8cm long X 42.5 cm high

Traction battery for scrubbers and forklifts.

Mounted in a metal box with Anti-Acid treatment and custom made for any brand of machine.


Scrubber Battery 24V 400Ah Voltem

VOLTEM 24V 400Ah Scrubber Batteries are composed of DIN 5EpzS400 manufactured elements of the highest quality, which offer superior performance and reliability thanks to their robust construction based on open tubular lead technology cast under pressure (PzS).
The negative plates have a flat configuration with pasted oxide and the separator is of the microporous type. The container and the lid of the element are hermetically welded and are highly resistant to shocks and the most extreme temperatures.
The terminals are specially designed to ensure that the elements are completely watertight, they are also connected through insulated flexible cables. Its screwed connections facilitate the assembly and replacement of the elements.
They come equipped with caps with swing closure and electrolyte level indicator, which facilitates the escape of gases produced during charging and protects the battery from electrolyte spills.


We use the most advanced technology to manufacture traction batteries. Our database of forklifts and pallet trucks allows us to design and manufacture the necessary battery for any make and model of machine.

baterias y amperios - manufacturing baterias y amperios - manufacturing batteries and amps - battery manufacturing



We have a large stock of traction elements, to speed up delivery times as much as possible. We carry out the assembly with flexible screwed connections, and PVC-headed screws, which allow safety protection against electric shocks.

baterias y amperios-battery mount baterias y amperios- battery mount bateriasyamperios-battery mount

The assembly of the battery by the customer is simple thanks to the fact that we send the battery completely assembled, you will only have to insert it into the machine and connect the power connector.

forklift battery-installation forklift battery mounting baterias y amperios- forklift battery installation

Reducing the purchase cost is always an advantage and Rebatex allows us to make discounts of up to 15% by collecting your used batteries. With this method, in addition to obtaining significant savings, we will all be more respectful of the environment.

batteries and amps-recycled baterias y amperios- battery collection baterias y amperios - recycled batteries
We pay for used battery Collection in national territory Collection / Processing / Recycling


Units Description
10 Conector Flex Ø35mm : L95mm
1 Conector Flex Ø35mm : L110mm
2 Battery Protector Screwed or Welded
1 Identification label and characteristics
1 Acid Extractor Syringe
1 Documentation kit
12 Short cap for DIN elements
22 Black Screws M10 x 18mm
2 Positive and Negative terminal screws
1 Metal box (600 x 410 x 440 mm) “Ask for more sizes”.
12 Element PzS – 5 plates, 2V 80 Ah

Voltage 24v
Capacity C5 400 Ah
Cell Type 5PzS-400
Dimensions 600 x 410 x 440 mm
Weight 295 Kg
Garanty 2 years
24v 400ah traction battery connections


Additional information

Weight 295 kg