Power Connectors

Power connectors for battery chargers, traction batteries and solar batteries. We have the full range of REMA and ANDERSON connectors.

Connectors FEM 160A, FEM 320A, FEM 80A. SBE/SBX 160A, 80A, 350A connectors.

Find quickly and easily the connector you need. If you have doubts when selecting the right connector for your traction battery, you can send us a photo of the connector and we will advise you before buying the power connector.

Shipments in 24H in Peninsula. We guarantee express delivery times for connectors and spare parts for battery trolleys.

FEM power connectors

FEM connectors are manufactured with highly resistant and durable materials. Male and female FEM connectors are available from 80 Amps to 350 Amps.

SBE/SBX power connectors

The SBE/SBX connector type is available from 50A to 350A. It does not require a female plug.

Connectors with handle for traction batteries

The power connectors with handle allow easy and ergonomic connection of the battery to the truck or charger.

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